Monday, January 9, 2017

8" x 10"
Day 9 - 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge

Continuing with the Girlfriend Series…...It certainly is challenging painting in this prismatic style. It reminds me of stained glass or mosaic.  Years ago, I took a workshop from an artist who challenged us to draw arbitrary lines through our original drawing, then as we began laying down pigment, we were to change color or value every time we came up to one of those lines.  Using complementary colors, value and the brightness/dullness of the colors, we were to find ways to paint a balanced piece of art.  At the time, it seemed like a strange idea, but it's helped me think outside the box many times since and to find optional ways of solving the problem of balance in a painting.  Instead of just "reporting the facts" of a subject, it's always good to find a different way of looking at things to give your work an original twist.  

Though I don't belong to a book club at present, I understand from my daughter who has started several groups that it's a great girlfriend activity and as much about the snacks and wine as the book, though finding friends to discuss the deep thoughts found in a favorite book (or not so favorite book) is a wonderful bonding time.  So enjoy, all you bibliophiles!  And don't forget to look for the feather!   

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